Tri-Clover and Union Ball Valves

Tri Clover and Union Ball Valves for quick and easy removal of the Abrasive Metering Valve

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ABSS stock a range of Tri-Clover and Union Ball Valves for an easy and fast, no mess solution to removing your Abrasive Metering Valve.

Suits most brands of Abrasive Metering Valves on the market including Thompson II and Micro Valves.

Install a Tri Clover Ferrule to the Blast Pot and one to the Abrasive Metering Valve. Place in the EPDM Gasket and while holding the Ferrules together, the Locking Clamp is fitted and tightened.

Tri-Clover Clamp Assemblies are available in both BSPT and NPT thread formats.


Union Ball Valves are used to stop the Abrasive Media dropping out of the Blast Pot while the Abrasive Metering Valve is removed for maintenance or replacement.

Union Ball Valve is BSPT thread only.


You can use the Tri Clover Assembly in conjunction with the Union Ball Valve.

Product Range

4I-A201159 Tri-Clover Clamp Assembly 1-1/4″ BSPT
4I-A201160 Tri-Clover Clamp Assembly 1-1/4″ NPT
4I-F201161 Tri-Clover Ferrule 1-1/4″ BSPT
4I-F201162 Tri-Clover Ferrule 1-1/4″ NPT
4I-C201163 Tri-Clover Locking Clamp
4I-S201164 Tri-Clover EPDM Gasket
4E-A201281 Union Ball Valve 1-1/4″ BSPT


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