Thompson II Valve – Full Parts Kit Tungsten Carbide


Thompson II Abrasive Metering Valve – Full Spare Part Kit

Part Number 4I-2152-000-99

Includes the following items:

Part Number: 2149-000-04  Piston Seal

Part Number: 2152-000-06  Plunger Seal (3)

Part Number: 2152-000-18  O’Ring (Large)

Part Number: 2152-000-21  O’Ring (Small)

Part Number: 2152-000-16  Cap Gasket

Part Number: 2152-000-10  Seat

Part Number: 2152-000-13  Tungsten Carbide Sleeve

Part Number: 2152-000-07  Tungsten Carbide Plunger


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