Pressure Blast

ABSS Sand Blasting Cabinets (Pressure Blast) 

ABSS are very proud to be able to carry and promote the Official Australian Made logo for our range of ABSS Sandblast Cabinets.


ABSS manufacture a range of Australian Made Abrasive Blasting Cabinets in Suction Blast and Pressure Blast options. Our ABSS Pressure Blast Cabinets are so powerful that most blasting jobs are done at 3 to 4 times the speed of Conventional Suction Blasting Systems. In Pressure Blasting, a closely regulated Abrasive Media flow is air propelled from a Pressure Vessel, through the Blast Nozzle and to the work surface at pressures up to 100psi. Unlike Suction Blast where there are some restrictions to the specific weight of the Abrasive Media, Pressure Blast Systems can accomodate most Abrasive Media on the market today.

Pressure Blast Systems are not only faster than Suction Systems, but are designed to provide full, consistent service under the most demanding high production requirements. Upon request, ABSS can Custom build a suitably sized Blast Cabinet in a Configuration that will accomodate your requirements

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