Compressed Air Preparation Equipment / Compressed Air Desiccant Dryers

The most important rule in Dry Abrasive Sandblasting is to use clean, dry and uncontaminated compressed air. Moisture left in the air after compression causes your abrasive to clog, disrupts your productivity, increases media usage, contaminates your work surface, corrodes your equipment and can damage your Dust Collector Cartridge Filters.

At ABSS we offer a range of Air Preparation Pre-Filter Systems or Compressed Air Dryers and Desiccant Dryers that offer a unique means of cooling with a most efficient moisture collection system. These units are robustly built and fully transportable for use in the Abrasive Sandblasting, Defence, Mining, Rail and Construction Industries..


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Key Benefits of ABSS Compressed Air Preparation Equipment include:

  • •  Made to International and Australian Standards AS1210
  • Heavy-Duty Welded Chassis incorporating Skid Mounting and Forklift Pockets
  • High Efficiency Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger provides Maximum Cooling and resists fouling
  • Aluminium Fins provide Optimum Heat Transfer and a Copper Header Tube resists corrosion
  • Pneumatic or Electric Fan Motors includes Filter, Regulator, Lubricator and Muffler
  • Multiple Outlets are supplied fitted with full bore Ball Valves
  • Available with Compressed Air Preparation Equipment